Simple, fair pricing

Unleash your creative cooking skills with gas that never runs out.


Pay-As-You-Cook                            Buy/One-Off            


2,900 Monthly
  • 12.5kg Smart Gas Cylinder
  • Free Delivery
  • Unlimited Refill
  • Gas explosion Insurance
  • Borrow Gas
  • 24/7 emergency Contact


199,900 Paid Once
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Home Gas Delivery
  • Gasmonkey Mobile App
  • Lifetime Software Support

Common Questions

What's different about Gasmonkey smart cylinders?

Gasmonkey smart cylinders make gas usage easy. You don’t need to buy the cylinder; just pick a month or one-year plan and then pay for the gas you use.

Where do I refill the Gasmonkey smart cylinder?

You don’t have to. Gasmonkey BOSS distributors bring and connect the cylinder for you. They also swap the cylinder when you run out of gas.

How do I know when to order a new cylinder?

The Gasmonkey app shows you how much gas is left. When it’s low, the app tells you to order a filled cylinder exchange.

What if my gas runs out suddenly?

The app warns you from when you have used half and several times before it runs out, so you can get a filled cylinder in time.

How safe are Gasmonkey smart cylinders?

They’re made with safety in mind. They pass all local and international gas cylinder safety requirements. And they are managed by trainned gas technicians. It also comes with explossion insurance.

Can I switch between gas plans easily?

Yes, you can change plans whenever you want on the Gasmonkey app.

What if we decide to stop using Gasmonkey?

You can delete your Gasmonkey account and stop paying for our services.

Why should I switch to Gasmonkey?

Gasmonkey makes gas easy. No hassles with buying, refilling, or checking cylinder content level. Just pay for what you use.

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